Torpedo Scad - Hardtail Scad (WR)

  • Sizes: 2/4, 4/6, 6/8 (pcs/kg)
  • Packings: IQF Bulk 1x10kg/carton; 1x22lbs/carton; 10x1kg/carton; 10x2lbs/carton. IQF, 12 x 2lbs plain bag with rider.
  • Season: All Year Round
  • Description: The torpedo scad, Megalaspis cordyla (also known as the hardtail scad, finny scad, finletted mackerel scad and cordyla scad), is a species of moderately large marine fish classified in the jack and horse mackerel family, Carangidae. The torpedo scad is distributed throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific region, ranging from South Africa in the west to Tonga in the east, extending to Japan in the north and Australia in south. It is a schooling pelagic fish which occupies the surface layers of both inshore and offshore oceanic waters. The torpedo scad is easily identified by both its 'torpedo' shaped body and a series of detached finlets at the rear of both the dorsal and anal fins. The largest recorded individual was 80 cm long and weighed 4 kg, although it is more common at lengths less than 40 cm.


Name: Torpedo scad - Hardtail scad - finny scad, finletted mackerel scad and cordyla scad ; Latin name: Megalaspis cordyla; wild caught in Vietnam

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