Yellow Tail Scad (WR)

  • Sizes: 4/6 - 6/8 - 8/10 - 11/16 - 17/22
  • Packings: IQF, Bulk 1x10kg/carton; Plain bag with rider
  • Season: All Year Round
  • Description: The yellowtail scad, Atule mate (also known as the northern yellowtail scad, one-finlet scad, deep trevally and omaka), is an abundant species of small inshore marine fish of the jack family, Carangidae. The species is widespread in the Indo-Pacific region from east Africa in the west to Hawaii in the east, extending north to Japan and south to Australia. The yellowtail scad is a small species in comparison with many of the other fishes within the Carangidae, reaching a recorded maximum length of only 30 cm, although is more often encountered around 20 cm.


Latin name: Atule mate; Wild caught in Vietnam

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